jems Student Edition

(version 4.11531u2022)

July 31 2022

MacOSX, Windows (64 bits), & Linux (64 bits)

Fig. CaF2 parallel projection.

(Student Edition) 4.11531u2022 is available for download free of charge. jemsSE allows calculations with only a set of predefined crystal structures (72 different structures).

Documentation available here (

Installation instructions available Windows and MacOSX. Preferences configuration here.

Mac OS-X 10.8.x or later.

(Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High-Sierra, Mojave & Catalina). is distributed as signed package in .zip file (, version 4.11531u2022) that contains a fully configured java VM (adoptopenjdk jre 1.8.0_242). Download, unzip it and install the package jemsMacOSX.pkg in /Applications (administrator rights needed). It is no more required to download java jre1.6 provided by Apple. A fully configured java VM is included in jems.

Windows (version 4.11531u2022).

(with javaVM 1.8.0_242)

A ready to run version for 64 bits is available here (.zip).

Linux Ubuntu 20.04 (version 4.11531u2022).

(with javaVM 1.8.0_242)

A ready to run version for either Linux  (64 bits) is available here (.zip). This version rquires to update the openGL driver to version 4.x.

    Manual preview here.

    QCBED here.

    Multislice here.

    More details on jems preferences in Menu->Preferences->Help.